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What about Clinton's connection to a Nazi-linked Bible Study Group?

Kathryn Joyce and Jeff Sharlet reported that "through all of her years in Washington, Clinton has been an active participant in conservative Bible study and prayer circles that are part of a secretive Capitol Hill group known as "The "Fellowship," also known as The Family.

In the 1940s, The Family reached out to former and not-so-former Nazis, and its fascination with that exemplary leader, Adolf Hitler, has continued, along with ties to a whole bestiary of murderous thugs.

But almost all its real work goes on behind the scenes--knitting together international networks of right-wing leaders, most of them ostensibly Christian.

They believe that, in mass societies, it's only the elites who matter, it's all about power--cultivating it, building it and networking it together into ever-stronger units, or "cells."

What about Clinton's connection to a Nazi-linked Bible Study Group?
The Nazis were a Christian group--specifically a Catholic one.
Reply:still worried about Bill? can relax now.
Reply:Cannot stand Clinton but never heard of this group.
Reply:Wow, that was a stretch. I have two friends who worship and belong to the "Fellowship". One lives in Seattle, the other NY. Both are your artsy, fartsy, tattoo types, who definitely don't knit. If anything they'd pierce themselves.

"The Family was founded in Seattle in 1935 by Abraham Vereide, a Norwegian immigrant and traveling preacher who had been working with the city's poor, and who feared that Socialist politicians were about to take over Seattle's municipal government.[2] Prominent members of Seattle's business community recognized his success with those who were "down and out" and asked him to give spiritual direction to their group who were "up and out." then in 1972, to The Fellowship Foundation. It was at this time that the group's leaders decided to lower the Fellowship's public profile by decentralizing its leadership."

The last comment citing that it's only the elites etc is a sweeping generalization. My friends who participate, trust me are not in the financial or social elite. They are rich in spirit.
Reply:you need to learn to tell the difference between the deceived and the deceivers. .e.g. many Christians rightly saw communism as an direct attack on them and bought the Nazi spin that Hitler was the bulwark against it in the name of Christianity . But a little more research should tell anybody that Nazism was an occult movement. The Occultist Thule Society was the origin of the swastika.

The irony is you have pagans who'd erroneously attack Nazism as "Christian" who themselves hold beliefs which would be in keeping with senior figures in the movement, particularly Himmler .

The point about the elites cultivating power is true and the Clinton/Bushs are to not be trusted - the luciferian web of deception is unending.
Reply:Clinton wasn't alive in the 40s... LOL
Reply:As long as she doesn’t try to impose religion on others through government, I don’t care what religious group she belongs to, nor do I care what religion any other politician is.
Reply:You sure you are not confusing this "fellowship" with something else. It sure sounds like the democratic party to me.

Which study Bible / devotional should I buy?

I would like a study Bible with good insights, explanations, and life applications. I'm leaning toward "Discover God Study Bible: New Living Translation," but all I have to go by is the cover since you can't preview it on Amazon and the bookstore has it in plastic wrap. If anyone has information on this one or can recommend something else, I'd be very grateful.

Which study Bible / devotional should I buy?
The Life Application Bible, (most versions), is the best I have seen!

I would NOT go with the NLT. I would recommend the NASB (Revised) version.
Reply:Glad to help.

God Bless you! Report Abuse

Reply:Check out, or gateway.
Reply:You might even like an on-line (free) daily devotional and "read through the Bible in a year" plan at "Today's Bible". The devotionals are commentary summaries of the daily Bible readings.
Reply:If you want a study bible, I'll recommend NIV (New International Version).

For daily devotional, why buy it when you can get it free? Get the "Our Daily Bread" from RBC Ministries. They'll deliver it to your door free of any charge. The content is rich, practical, and also provides you with bible passages to read and think about.

But if you want to buy 1, I'll recommend "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers. It's a best seller for daily devotional.
Reply:I recommend a New International Version (NIV). It's a popular translation so you'll be able to find several different devotionals or study guides. Pick the one that appeals to you with an NIV.

Bottom line -- Find a reliable translation then select a meaningful study tool for you that is organized around that translation. It's the only way you'll get to study in a beneficial way with a reliable bible you can read and know is accurate.
Reply:The Jerusalem Bible is by far the best and most up-to-date as far as translational accuracy. I dunno if they have study guides or devotionals that come with it.
Reply:I recommend the English Standard Version of the Reformation Study Bible. It is a very literal translation and has great study notes and references.

Here it is at Amazon:

I agree with others that the NLT should be avoided. It insults the reader's intelligence.
Reply:I did a study on translations to see what was best. here is the end result:

Reply:"An open heart" by the dalai ' lama
Reply:Save you rmoney for when you go in for psychiatric treatment.

Martial Arts Shoes

Is going to bible study with a group of people at their house more like how the church was/is supposed to be?

People get together, and share food and stuff and read the word and ask questions and get answers. Isn't this how it was/supposed to be?

Not gigantic buildings?

Is going to bible study with a group of people at their house more like how the church was/is supposed to be?
Yes and no...

Bible studies in a home.. makes the atmosphere more informal, and you are more apt to have people ask questions more comfortably in a small group setting, than in a huge intimidating building. Depends what level a person is spiritually.

Again however, it isn't the place, it is the "heart" of those who gather to worship and praise the Name of Jesus. Where two or more are His name... Jesus shows up!

Jesus never said, "Hey, let's go hang out at _______(insert a name) house." God knows our intentions, whether they are sincere or not. Whether we are HUNGRY (for righteousness) or not.

Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together IN MY NAME, there am I in the midst of them.

I remember when the church I attended was just in it's infancy. We gathered in a person's home. We then graduated to a strip mall in an exercise facility. I could have cared less where we gathered. I wanted MORE of GOD, no matter where we were.
Reply:In some ways yes. But there is something about corporate worship in a place set aside for that purpose (church, temple, tabernacle, etc.) that is very special and meaningful as well.

It doesn't have to be ornate and expensive, but it should represent the congregation's effort to give God their best, and it should be a place that shows reverence and holiness.

For years, my family attended a church that had outgrown the sanctuary, and was meeting in the multi-purpose family life auditorium in chairs not pews. We also had small group Bible studies in homes, and lots of fellowships and activities "relevant" to the various groups that attended. (Music programs, youth %26amp; children's ministries, etc.)

But there was something missing that I couldn't put my finger on until we moved and started looking for a new church home, and we discovered the beauty and serenity of a small country church singing traditional hymns, with crosses %26amp; pews and baptistries and other symbols of faith surrounding us. I think it is especially important when you have small children--they need to learn how to "act in church" and they won't get that at someone's home or even in some contemporary worship centers. They need to learn reverence for God %26amp; how to participate in worship--too many people today view church as just another entertainment venue and don't even know how to get their hearts prepared to worship.
Reply:well....thats how it started due to reasons largely to do with the fact that they "had" to because of persecution by the buildings per se came along around the 2nd century or so....lots of good books out there on church history read--go get some.......many today feel the need to go back to that pattern,usually calling it "small groups" does have a positive effect on many people especially those who aren't comfortable in big buildings with lots of people they dont know......the small group is intimate,quick to get to know each other, you can discuss church,and church stuff with a greater degree of a result, many of these attendees have acclimated into the church assemblies with more ease......sorta like basic training for larger church groups.Even though the early church didnt do it for these reasons, the intimate gatherings had an effect.....and who knows, the church(and thats the people-not the building)might find itself under the same persecution some day(dont ever say "it cant happen here")and may "have" to meet like the first church, for the same reasons,so practice never hurts.
Reply:Absolutely Tiger (although that should be Lion of Judah).

Even before books were selected as a collection to become the Bible as we know it today, Christians gathered at individual homes to "break bread" and worship. The immediate followers of Jesus and their offspring for several generations thereafter, did not build churches in which to worship. Man decided to build churches. Even the commandment to keep holy the Sabbath does not specify/require attending a church building. It has been the priests, pastors and preachers that have mandated attendance at a church as THE house of worship...and not just any church but their church (denomination). However, if you don't meet with others at a home to praise the Lord on the Sabbath, it would suffice to attend a church of God.
Reply:I think it's supposed to be more like the home Bible study with a good dose of AA mixed in. It really should be a support system - not just social support, but support for real change. A support for letting go of the guilt and shame and embracing a proactive, thoughtful life - free from addiction or idolatry of any kind.
Reply:I would think it would be better than these mega churches who do not teach the bible.

They are advertisers, who turned religious because when they sell something they have to back up their product.

With religion who can come back from death and say "you did not get me into heaven, your selling a bad product.

I want my money back"
Reply:Very much so. The word that is rendered 'church' in scriptures really means 'assembly'. Paul may times speaks of an assembly in so and so-s house. 'Christianity' is the 'Babylon' that YAHOSHUA is calling His followers to ' come out of'.
Reply:i think Church is just more of a ceremony. but yea it's more meaningful sometimes. you share with others. you learn from others. you heard other experiences. i think its great! but its still important to go to Church out of respect for God.
Reply:Actually, according to Acts, they all held things in common, and if they tried to own possessions for themselves, the Good Lord struck them down....according to the "historian" Luke anyway...(quotation marks added for sarcastic emphasis)

Not always a great idea.
Reply:It is in part very much like it should be. There is nothing wrong with have large congregations. but much is lost in the crowd.

This is one of the benefits of small churches.
Reply:that is how it started, and it is good to still do. It lets everyone be involved instead of just listening to a leader.
Reply:I say different strokes for different folks. Please keep in mind that Jesus was Jewish. Jewish Temples were and are quite grand. The Bible includes a description of Solomon's temple.
Reply:No, that's now how it was, because they didn't have a bible to read from yet.
Reply:I know that they had to meet in secret...and they probably did in certain homes.

To Christians: How many of you that believe, attend a Bible Study or Church on a regualar basis?

I attend church on a regular basis for obvious reasons. I lead a couple of in home Bible studies during the week. As a general rule, when church is having a service, I am there.

To Christians: How many of you that believe, attend a Bible Study or Church on a regualar basis?
We should all follow by example, God Bless!!! Report Abuse

Reply:I go to church every Saturday, and attend Bible studies on Sunday and/or Thursday.
Reply:I believe that God created the church structure so that we as christians could worship him together. That we as christians could help support and encourage each other, that we as christians would have a structure through which we could work together to get out the Gospel to a Lost World.

And by the way I believe that Hebrews 10:25 is a command not a request.
Reply:I attend Church
Reply:I do, and I see your point; but it is important to understand that we, the blood-bought-people of Christ, are the church! Where we meet is just a place of worship, a sanctuary!
Reply:I lead a bible study every Thursday, and I attend "church" every Sunday, and often on weekdays, as well.

The old comment about church buildings being unnecessary has always been a favorite of preachers who don't happen to have a church building available, while most Christians recognize the practical value of praying while protected from the rain and cold, and of having a place to keep the organ, and store the hymnals.

Catholics enjoy the real and substantial presence of Jesus Christ ... body, blood, soul, and divinity ... truly present in every single one of their church buildings ... 24/7 %26amp; 365 ... all around the world.

The presence of Jesus, who IS God, and who also remains the eternal sacrifice for sin, makes EVERY Catholic church a uniquely holy place.

So, Catholics experience true holiness in Christ, inside every one of their churches ... which is an extremely practical thing ... and that's also why you'll find the inside of most Catholic churches decorated to remind one of the place where God dwells ... with his angels, and his saints.

It doesn't really get any better than that ... this side of heaven ... and a church building certainly facilitates the process.
Reply:I attend Mass at least twice a week and am trying for 3 or more times. I attend Adoration 2x weekly as well. I read my Bible and devotional daily. I pray the Rosary daily as well as the Chaplet of Mercy. I also read a spiritual book each week.

Does this count?
Reply:I study the Bible alot

probably never enough

BUT no building or denominational affiliations

have been shown it is NOT of GOD

but mans tradition and its been turned from what

it was meant to what man wants it to be

the ""CHURCH"" is NOT a BUILDING made with mans hands

it IS NOT the House of GOD

and it is NOT the Temple of GOD

and it is NOT what we should be worshipping or IN !!
Reply:I do
Reply:I go to church on Sunday morning and night and then go on Thursday night. Every week unless I'm sick. Its a place where you can worship and praise God.
Reply:I attend church, %26amp; sunday school, on a regular basis. Wednesday night service when able with work schedule. Teach a bible study on Tuesday nights.
Reply:I attend both bible studies and church on a regular basis
Reply:I go to Mass each Sunday, and try to attend Daily Mass at least once more during the week.
Reply:I do. I attend Wednesday night bible class at my church. There are also home study groups that meet once a month on Fridays. I have found both to be very beneficial.
Reply:Your question implies there are Christians that don't believe. Is that what you wanted?
Reply:Church on sunday's bible study on tues.

Reply:I go to church most Sundays. (I have some health problems and can't always make it.) I also teach Sunday School (little kids class) every other quarter.
Reply:I attend church on a regular basis. The church is old and beautiful having been founded over 1200 years ago.

But the most important thing is the community. Being a Christian includes being an active worshiping member of a Christian community. We need both to look in the direction of God and in the direction of our neighbours. Draw that and you get a cross!


I feel like I'm being controlled at my bible study group?

I go to a local bible study group (just a very small group of 6-7 attendees) . When I say I go, I go along ad hoc, when I feel I like to. No obligation. On the weeks I don't feel like going/unable to attend due to committments, I phone the 'leader' of the group and just say I won't be there out of courtesy. My friend said I shouldn't phone, as I don't need to explain myself to anyone. I've taken her advice and decided not to phone the leader. I missed 1 bible class and instead decided to go to the leaders house on another afternoon just to see how she was. She said to me," I thought you might have been on holiday again, as you didn't come round". I said, "No, I just wasn't able to last week. I've just had a lovely ride on my bike, as the weather's wonderful today though". She then said, "Is that why you didn't come last week because of your bike riding?" I really didn't want to get into an anrgument and left it there, but now I feel 'obligated' to go

I feel like I'm being controlled at my bible study group?
Dont be afraid, or intimidated, and definately don't feel obligated. That is not what a Bible study gruop is for, definately not a Bible Study Group that is drop-in. Just try to ignore the 'leader' if you dare call him that. Good Luck.

P.S. Listen to Don, he's good.
Reply:You aren't obligated to go, and you don't have to phone her. If she brings it up again, put her on the spot and ask her straight up, "Is that okay, if I'm not there every week, or is the group more for people who will be there every week?" No matter which way she answers, you win.
Reply:When people are compelled to use guilt to motivate others, it shows the weakness of their belief. I say leave the group.

How could someone so damaged help you? Next you will be accused of riding your bike strait to hell.

Primoa and I agree on this one...
Reply:I run a bible study out of my house as well.

None of our attendees ever feel pressured to come at all.

Your leader has chosen a bad approach.

Bible study time should be enjoyable %26amp; fulfilling. Not pressure-packed. No one should ever feel obligated to absolutely make it every single week.

That's just wrong
Reply:These people are often control freaks.

Guilt is the weapon that they try to use against you.

I went to a similar group a few years back and the group leader was the same way. He would start the class by asking people who had missed the last class or come in late what they had to do that was more important.

One fellow looked at him and said I don't need your guilt trip, find someone who is interested in it to give it to.

It got very quiet to say the least, but he never tried to guilt trip that guy again.

Don't let anyone manipulate you, it is your life.

Love and blessings Don
Reply:You don't owe anyone anything. If you don't want to go, then don't go and don't let ANYONE make you feel guilty for it.

Riding a bike, or doing anything that you enjoy, can bring as much joy and peace to your life as any bible study group.

Those people in that group don't know any more about god than you do, remember that.
Reply:yeah, i know what you mean about these voluntary Christian things! i've lost count of the times i've been chased up because i've missed something. so many Christians see committment as joining everything going %26amp; earning gold stars for regular attendance! they don't seem to recognise quiet reflection or a life outside the church. it's so sad really. i can understand why your friend suggested not phoning, but you're a polite, well-mannered person %26amp; i think for your own peace of mind, you should. just don't make excuses when you do! diane.
Reply:Your leaders should not force you to come- doing a bible study needs to come from your heart- however, I do think especially if your group is so small, that it would be nice to call and let her know- that just shows common courtesy to the person who opens her home every week for the study- if you are not growing spiritually in this group, maybe you need to find another one. As a Christian we need to be studying His word- and a bible study with others is a great way to do it.
Reply:Things happen, you have a life. Find another group. However, when you look at religion throughout history, it has always been about control of the followers. Keep that in mind with your future endeavours.

Rev. Neil
Reply:In some bible study formats you get a bit out of perspective if you miss a bit. I think you should have a straight talk with the group that YAHOSHUA is to be the leader of each.
Reply:before long those in your Bible group will begin to asses whether you are showing enough Faith and will begin to judge you and what you say, how you say it, what you are wearing, doing, thinking, feeling, all with that "LOOK"

Been there put up with that.

enjoy your faith and don't give to others the power of Intimidation to control you with fear.

The hinges on the gates to Heaven are greased with fear and money

I should probably say greased with guilt and money
Reply:I think that group leader is a bit too much. We're just launching a new online group so feel free to join if its not your cup of tea no biggy. :-)
Reply:Gee, there is a shock....a group trying to guilt another into doing what "they" think the person should be doing...

What a shock...
Reply:Ringing is just a courtesy, so that people who were expecting you did not have to wait. BTW, since you have been going, people might (or might not) worry about you. It is not a policed activity, but simply letting people know. When is your last time called your mum or dad? Did you feel you have to explain yourself?

However, I think people have their freedom to do whatever they want in their time. So, I think your leader was trying to make you feel bad about not going. If you don't feel like to go, then don't go, what are they going to do? drag you?
Reply:I have two opinions on the matter. Please take both with a grain of salt.

First, a "drop-in" Bible study group should be just that. No one should make you feel guilty for not attending or for not showing up. Some days we feel closest to God spending time in nature, as you enjoyed the weather on your bike.

Secondly, maybe the leader of the group is hoping to make this more of a small group than a drop in Bible study. Maybe, she was hoping that all of you would be friends and would unite together as a small community, watching out for one another in love. Her feelings were probably hurt that you didn't show up (rather than being "indignant" about it).

Think of it this way. She values your presence. You sound like an awesome person who probably adds a completely different dimension to the Bible study. It's likely that it was kind of boring without you. You seem wonderful -- you even went to visit the leader when you missed a class. I know she appreciated that a lot.

You're in control. You live a wonderful life. Spread your cheer to this group without feel obligated. If you feel obligated, then you're not treating this engagement as a group of friends coming to talk God. That's all it is, isn't it? Friendly faces opening the Word of God.

God bless!
Reply:she fears, that if you drop out, then others will follow. she manipulates you and that points to her insecurity.what will happen, if others will follow your -,,bad,,- example?maybe, she cannot say, after all decide to leave HER class, that she cannot talk about her self as holier than thy anymore.
Reply:Group dynamics are different with every group-- some like to be more formal, some more casual.

If you want to stay w/this group, I'd be honest w/the leader (or maybe just speak up to the entire group itself) and say you would like to come sometimes, but if other plans come up you won't make it... does anyone mind if you come sporadically?

For some people, regular attendance is a stickler issue.

If anyone has a problem with irregular attendance, you might wish to respect the groups wishes.

If they're okay with irregular attendance, ask the leader or group at large if people prefer you phone ahead and let them know so they don't wait for you... it might be considered a courtesy issue with them, just the group's way, and have nothing to do with you. If you wanna play with the group you go by the group "rules"or "ways" basically.
Reply:Poopsy the ball is in your court.Try to have a little thicker skin.Well try not to take things so personally.Maybe she is just concerned about you and just asking to see how you are. No unless you tell her you are gonna be there,you shouldn't have to report in. But if she is expecting you then maybe out of being polite call her and let her know you can't make it.
Reply:wrong class for you.....that leader needs to stop leading......he or she probably has been leading for get the dictator effect when you do that. my opinion, is after about two years leading a class or study, it is time to step down. go to someone else's class for at least a year and then start a new one. most classes are pretty luke warm after two years anyway........that leader is why i left the baptist church and went methodist. they seem to have more love and understanding.....probably too liberal if i was on the west coast though......
Reply:Yes; your feelings are your feelings. Another articulation of your feelings might be due to the leader's intrusion into your personal life beyond leading the bible study.
Reply:The primary reason for Religion is control,so why would you be surprised that the Babble study group leader was trying to control you? Control is the point,get used to it or get out.

Reply:the reason you feel that way is beacuse you are the christians have started the brainwashing process your doomed.

Reply:I believe the best way to work with people is to compromise with them. Calling your Bible study group is just a matter of respect and responsibility. If I told someone I would attend X event; realized I couldn't make it - informing them is just plain etiquette. Also, working out what she/he expects from you, and doing what you both agreed about is another option.

However, expecting participation against your will is not a good approach or reasonable.
Reply:If you feel obligated to attend because of pressure from the group it not really your choice anymore.
Reply:The leader should respect your free will exactly the way God does...............You are free to attend or not and you shouldn't be obligated to call.

Sometimes, though, a call is a good courtesy for a group that may be waiting for you before they begin.

I dropped a Bible study completely once because of the leader............I hated too but she was trying to get way too involved in my life.

Just pray about the correct response for this leader (we don't know her or her motives) and do as the Spirit of God leads.
Reply:Um.. newsflash! What you feel is what it is, lady. You are being manipulated.

I want to study Bible.But i want to know which version of the Bible is the right one?How many version exist?

I know there are alot of versions, but from my understandings King James is the closest to the actual writing.

Also something I do is study one version and then compare with a kid version to really understand all the metaphors.

I want to study Bible.But i want to know which version of the Bible is the right one?How many version exist?
if you can get original hebrew and greek, go for it. thats the most accurate.
Reply:I don't know how many, but I recommend the NIV - New International Version Student Bible. That's the most common. If your new to Christianity, and want to really try to read the thing, there's a new version out called 'The Message' Bible. It supposed to be a lot easier to digest, and a lot more fun to read. Personally, I'm an old fogey and am not really comfortable with reworking God's words. But a lot of people who are smarter than me about these things say it's a good Bible to start out with - or to make sure you read regularly. "The chocolate coating makes it go down easier".
Reply:The King James Version is the best and leaves nothing out or changes it

you can go to this site and read all translations of the Bible


Peace and Blessings
Reply:May I add my recommendations?

You probably want the best of two things: Readablility and Reliability. Readability means that you can read it and understand it. Reliablity means that it is a close translation to the original text.

TO begin, reliable texts go for a word for word translation, rather than a thought for thought, paragraph by paragraph, etc. If the translation goes beyond word for word, you are actually reading the interpreters opinion, rather than the original writers idea.

As for readability, you could go with an original greek text Bible for the best accuracy, but you probably can't read Greek (I can't). Scholars agree that the American Standard Version is the most accurate translation of the majority greek text (the agreed Greek texts that constitute the original Bible), but it is very difficult to read. The King James Bible is also a very accurate translation of the Textus Receptus (another Greek text), but written in middle English, it is like reading Shakespeare.

The converse is that some very readible Bibles (Todays NIV, The Living Bible, The Word, etc) are not word for word translations, and seriously mis-interpret some passages in an attempt to provide the translators idea.

I (as a Bible teacher) would recommend the following: For the best combination of readability and reliability, go with:

New King James

New American Standard

English Standard Version

After this you might consider:

King James (If you are ready to translate it as you read)

New International Version (the best of the non-"word for word" translations, very popular and readable)
Reply:All the versions say about the same thing !!! The easiest on to read will be the one published by Tyndale House !!!
Reply:OK,king James hard to read, no one speaks

Elizabethan English any more. literal trans.

nkj they got rid of "tho's", modern language.

niv is thought for thought translation.

nasb is literal trans.

RSV is liberal but still good.

esv is good %26amp; based on the geneva bible (ck me on that)

the sites below are good %26amp; safe.

go to carm, on left goto about bible, then to evidence support bible, then2nd down, illusrtation of bible text/tree, you'll see, clk.

at equip goto all the way rt %26amp; down, view archives clk, 6 down, eng trans of bible clk.

this should be enough for now.

you can get other books to help you under stand better, those sites if they recomand books the books will be safe.

get back %26amp; let us know how you are doing.
Reply:For "which one is best", read here:;...

The short: there's no objective way of determining which specific version is best. A better tack is to determine which version serves your purposes best. For this, see below:

OK, here's my "what bible should I pick" answer:

1st, I'll assume that you are not a member of a sect that demands using the King James Version (KJV) or any other particular version. (Unfortunately, most of these sects do not actually use the whole KJV.)

At this stage you want to decide what your bible should contain. Do you want a bible that contains 1) all scripture or 2) a selection of scripture? Besides editions that contain all scripture, there are editions that contain only new testament books, others containing only books from the Hebrew bible, and still others (the majority) which exclude several books in a somewhat cavalier fashion.

I will assume that you intend to read the entire bible, or at least wish to have the entire bible at your disposal. In this case, you must obtain a bible that includes the Apocrypha. There are some sects teaching that the apocrypha is not inspired scripture, and if you are a member of one of these sects then simply avoid reading these books. There is no other reason for avoiding the so-called apocrypha and every reason to get a bible which includes them. Here is a more in-depth discussion about this topic: .

In my conclusion I will consider two cases:

1) You want a "complete" bible (Complete)

2) You don't care if the apocrypha is included or not (Open)

The next stage is to decide if you want a bible merely for reading and learning the text of the bible itself, or if you intend to study scripture more deeply and intensely in order to gain a greater understanding and to help you interpret the scriptures accurately. This is the difference between a "standard" edition bible and a (scholarly) study bible. I will refer to this as "purpose" when I make recommendations below.

Finally, you need to decide whether you want a translation that offers 1) ease of reading 2) literalness of translation or 3) accuracy of translation. I separate these even though they are not *necessarily* mutually exclusive. Different versions *do* (must) follow primarily one of these three criteria, however, and so should you when you make a decision. I will refer to this as "style" when I make recommendations below.

A note about the KJV: although excellent for its time, and including nearly the entire body of scripture, as well as marginal notes from the translators providing possible alternate translations (making it a passable study bible), the KJV uses 400-year-old English, 400-year-old scholarship (read: they didn't know as much as scholars today), and texts that lacked the last 400 years of archaeological discoveries. By no means was the KJV the first English version of the bible. It's main advantage today is that most people use some form of the KJV and it is often useful to use the same version as others in discussions of scripture.

Recommendations: you can look at a fairly thorough comparison of technical details of different versions here: , but what follows are my recommendations.

Comparisons of "literalness" of translation can be found here: and here: and here: . An important note: "literal" does *not* equate with "accurate". A translation that is more literal does *not* equate to a translation that is more accurate. Indeed, in *any* language translation, literal translation is likely to lead to significant failings in accuracy of translation.

Style: Translated for Ease of Reading

....Purpose: Reading (Ease of Reading is not a relevant style for a study bible purpose)

........Content: Complete

............CEV (Contemporary English Version) - complete version , also available as an e-book on CD . Second choice: NAB (New American Bible) - not as easy to read but still easy, translation accuracy may be slanted slightly by Roman Catholic bias.

Style: Translated for Ease of Reading

....Purpose: Reading

........Content: Open

............NIV (New International Version) - one of the easiest-to-read modern translations with higher marks for accuracy than most easy-to-read bibles

Style: Literalness of Translation

....Purpose: Study

........Content: Complete

............RSV (Revised Standard Version), New Oxford Annotated Bible, Expanded Edition - one of the most literal translations with some of the most scholarly study notes, though somewhat archaic language. 2nd choice: NET (New English Translation) - literalness uncertain but copious translator's notes help the reader achieve this goal. Deutero-canonicals incomplete.

Style: Literalness of Translation

....Purpose: Study

........Content: Open

............NASB (New American Standard Bible), Scofield Study Bible - most literal modern translation, but study notes are for the most part independent of the translation. 2nd choice: RSV New Oxford Annotated Bible - not as literal as the NASB but more comprehensive and scholarly study notes, available without Apocrypha.

Style: Literalness of Translation

....Purpose: Reading

........Content: Complete

............RSV - most literal complete version, but somewhat archaic language. Make certain to get a version that includes the Apocrypha. (All "Catholic" bibles include *most* of these books, and "Expanded Edition" includes them all).

Style: Literalness of Translation

....Purpose: Reading

........Content: Open

............NASB - most literal modern-text bible, high marks for accuracy

Style: Accuracy of Translation

....Purpose: Study

........Content: Complete

............NJB (New Jerusalem Bible), Regular Edition - copious study notes, word use demonstrates great concern for accuracy of translation, my favorite version. 2nd choice: NRSV (New Revised Standard Version), The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, Augmented Third Edition - includes complete deutero-canonicals, excellent scholarly study notes on par with NJB, but translation suffers slightly from over-zealous use of "inclusive" language

Style: Accuracy of Translation

....Purpose: Study

........Content: Open

............Same as above. New Oxford Annotated available without the Apocrypha.

Style: Accuracy of Translation

....Purpose: Reading

........Content: Complete

............NJB Reader's Edition. 2nd choice: NET - copious translator's notes may make this the most accurate translation, but requires study to absorb the translation; deutero-canonicals incomplete.

Style: Accuracy of Translation

....Purpose: Reading

........Content: Open

............NJB Reader's Edition. 2nd choice: NET. 3rd choice: NIV (New International Version) - highly regarded non-biased translation, not as careful as NJB but easier to read.

Recommendations for the true bible student (who doesn't know Greek or Hebrew):

1) Software including NASB, KJV, NRSV, NJB and NIV - I use Ellis (lacks NIV) but there is at least one other *affordable* (under $100) package providing this selection. Make certain a Strong's Concordance is also included.

2) NJB Regular Edition - get it if you can, don't settle for the Standard Edition. (My review here: )

3) NASB - make certain to get the latest version. Get it in print if your software doesn't have it. Most literal translation.

4) The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, Augmented Third Edition - NRSV translation demonstrates over-zealous use of inclusive language but the study notes are invaluable, perhaps better and less biased than NJB.

5) Oxford Authorized King James Version with Apocrypha - the complete books of the 1611 King James Version with printers errors removed and spelling modernized. No marginal notes.

6) KJV New Cambridge Paragraph Bible with the Apocrypha - the complete 1611 edition, *including* marginal notes, with modernized spelling. Probably more valuable than 5), but it's a tough call.

7) A good bible dictionary, such as HarperCollins Bible Dictionary. There are a few equally good alternatives.

Honorable mentions:

1) Tanakh, 1995 edition, by the Jewish Publication Society - scholarly translation of the Hebrew Bible by Jewish scholars, very highly regarded.

2) NWT (New World Translation), With References - a very literal bible with some excellent though incomplete study notes. Shows significant but infrequent Jehovah's Witness bias and is available only from the WatchTower Organization (Jehovah's Witnesses). Reading this with the awareness of the bias (which is mostly documented in the bible itself) can be quite worthwhile to a student of the bible.

I hope this helps.

Reply:There are a lot of them. The best ones to read are the KJV, KKJV, and the NIV.

By no means read "Today's New International Version."

When it was created, they took out any verse referring to men and changed it to those or they.

Basically, they made it Politically Correct.

For example:

Psalm 1:1 NIV

Blessed is the man

who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked

or stand in the way of sinners

or sit in the seat of mockers.

Psalm 1:1 TNIV

Blessed are those

who do not walk in step with the wicked

or stand in the way that sinners take

or sit in the company of mockers,
Reply:Just get a King James version, pray before you start for understanding and God will reveal his word to you. Bless your heart.

God bless you!
Reply:I found the ' King James Version 1611' be the best translation of the Original texts.....some claim the English used a bit antique and difficult to understand, which I don't agree....As you keep reading you will find the beauty and the correctness of the language used....For example Psalm 23-no other version can come up to the beauty and the power of the same rendered in the KJV..
Reply:The best Bible for you is the one that you can understand and will read.

Edit - Q - The ESV (English Standard Version) is actually based upon the Revised Standard Version. A group of Christians believed that if the RSV were to be revised so that perceived "liberalisms" (such as "young woman" in Isa. 7.14) were changed to be more acceptable to conservatives, that it would be a good version.

Reply:Many versions. What language do you speak as a first language?

Some will say that the King James Bible is the best in English, but that is about as far from modern English as Dari is from Farsi.

New International is good modern version, providing a thoughtful translation.

If you prefer word for word, you could go to New American Standard, or New King James.
Reply:Good luck with that. There are almost as many versions of the bible as there are churches, when it comes to translations. I would recomend you learn Hebrew and Greek. and since that isn't going to happen study a few diffrent translations at once, it will suprise you the number of contridictions you will find among them all.

Rev MacOg of the Asatru
Reply:there r 4 versions and what exactly do u mean by the right 1?what makes a version it is clear all the versions were written when jesus himself wasn't among people any more and some poeple have used other books or their own ideas and imagination 2 each write down a book.jesus has made no comments of any of the bibles cuz he never read them.the koran explains it about the bibles.i would tell u more if u want

as a muslim i would call a holy book the right 1,that is actually gods words
Reply:Well, if you want an English version there are many. But if you are well versed in Semitic Languages, if I were you would read those. If I were someone who was good with semitic languages, I would study the manuscripts.

The versions are translations of manuscripts.

EDIT: I already told you.
Reply:If your goal is to study the Bible and really understand what the original writers intended, and if you are comfortable with English, I suggest the New Revised Standard Version. It's available in a couple of study Bibles with detailed notes on two levels - to explain problems in translating the text itself, and to explain the cultural context in which it was written. And regardless of whether your faith tradition accepts them as Scripture or not, get one "with the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical Books," because some of those books complete the historic and cultural perspective and are quoted in the New Testament.

Another alternative available in our electronic age is to get a CD with multiple translations and languages side-by-side, as well as concordances (word indexes) and other helps.
Reply:i don't know how many version there are but the king james is the most accurate
Reply:You can go to your local christian book store, or even look online at and skim through them and see which bible is easier for you to read. That is great for starters.

Blessings on your journey.
Reply:Use a version you understand. I suggest the New Living Translation.
Reply:The 1611 Authorized King James Version would be my suggestion to you. While there are many other in circulation, this particular Bible was translated, not interpreted, from the original Greek and Hebrew tongues it was originally wrote in. Many have argued that the old King James Version is too hard to understand, but with the leadership of the Holy Spirit, you will receive the understanding from God that He intends for you to have. The newer versions simply input too many of mankind's interpretations as to what they think that God means. The Holy Word of God was written by men inspired of God, and the 1611 King James Version was translated in the same way. I will pray for you in your study of the Holy Scriptures that God will give you guidance and understanding. May God Bless You!!!
Reply:king james ONLY u will go too HELL if u use any other version, all other verison of tbe bible is by SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 and u must NOT read the aporcraphy, or any edition with historical notes because that is SATANS will, hail SATAN!!!!
Reply:The King James Version is the most widely accepted version in English. As far as one bible being more right than another.... that I'll leave open for debate. There are over 50 different English versions of the Bible. There are over 450 versions worldwide.
Reply:I agree with Weird Darryl.

You could get a comparison Bible, which shows you a few different versions in the same book, side by side. Ask at a local Christian bookstore (a secular bookstore might not have these in stock).

You can see how versions differ by comparing Scripture verses on sites like:

The most important thing about your Bible is that you use it. Also consider if you would like a study version (which has commentary) to help you understand what you're reading more in depth.

You can get study versions for pretty much any translation you like, and there are many different options. Ask a Christian bookseller to show you different possibilities.

There are study Bibles that focus on prophecy, devotions for men or women, witnessing to others, tons of different angles to explore depending on your interest. I personally like the Life Application Study Bible, which is available in several translations. It has a lot of detailed explanation about the verses and how they can apply to our lives.
Reply:you can select whichever you want .. coz usually people use.. King James Version...


Christians - What do you learn on Yahoo answers that you couldn't in a normal Bible study?

How atheists and others think. Their opinions of Christians and what they perceive of Christians. Its not only entertaining but very educational. Y!A has taught me a lot about how to approach non believers, especially atheists, and how to defend my beliefs. Oh and also what not to say/do. Some may not see it, but it has strengthened our faith and made us think more and resolve why we believe what we believe, basically it put our beliefs and heads right. Good question.

Christians - What do you learn on Yahoo answers that you couldn't in a normal Bible study?
i get to hear stories from around the globe about the eternal conflict between God and satan. People tell of what God has done in their life, and others the struggles that they cannot seem to overcome. It really makes obvious the invisible battle that constantly rages in the spiritual realm.
Reply:"NORMAL" Bible study? I have studied the Bible for nearly sixty years on and off and I've come to the conclusion that such drivel could not possibly be the word of an intelligent being. It is folk lore, translated and mis interpreted in thousand different ways to suit those who want to exploit it for personal gain.
Reply:What I have learned is that there are a lot of people around who hate Christianity! It was not like this 10 years ago! At one time even people who didn't believe saw "church people" as respectable, but not anymore.

It has laid on my heart that Christians better start matching their walk to their talk if we are not going to lose this entire generation.
Reply:how atheists think! how Christians outside of my church think, anonymous and uninhibited sharing of thoughts (often in the form of a rhetorical question followed by a long lecture fitted into the description).
Reply:If you don't know by now, you have not been here long enough.

Stick around and find out. Take a leap and jump out of the box.

Rev. TomCat
Reply:That there is only one God: The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Ramen !
Reply:Christians are keeping an eye on Yahoo answers , to know "How many more Christians have converted to Atheism.
Reply:Every once in a while I DO discover some fact I had not known or bit of reasoning I find intriguing.

However, mostly I have discovered:

1) How absolutely close minded some people are. and

2) Also how SOME Christians not only spout so much hatred, but they believe in a "God of hate.".

3) Already decide what they believe and THEN use the Bible to prove it is "truth."


and BLESSED3 write: "There are a lot of people around who hate Christianity! It was not like this 10 years ago!"

It is NOT Christianity they hate, only the perverted twists that too many put into their "brand" of Christianity. It would seem to them that Christianity is no longer a religion of love,but one of intollerance, bigotry, and even hatred.


DREADS wrote: "People tell of what God has done in their life, and others the struggles that they cannot seem to overcome."

This view is somewhat simplistic and naive. Most of my struggles have been in sloughing off the tyranny of the half-truths and total lies of my former religion, and with the bigotry and intolerance found in much of the “Christian” community.


and ...ChildOfG...

I learn that the majority of (but not quite all) CHRISTIANS are self-righteous elitists who have convinced themselves beyond the shadow of a doubt that THIER RECONSTRUCTION OF God IS THE ONLY TRUTH so that they can actively HATE others and pretend they are doing good.
Reply:Not a whole lot since most of what is on here is bickering and fighting over who is more right Christan's or Atheists.
Reply:Sam nailed it. In Bible study i get only the way other brothers and sisters think. Here I get all opinions. I love it, keep it coming!
Reply:A normal Bible study's purpose is more or less "comfort the Christian", whereas here on Yahoo R %26amp; S, it's more like "kill the guy with the Bible".

Since participating in Yahoo, I've brushed up on apologetics, added a Bible search software program to my laptop, and read two books by Hank Hanegraaff and Josh McDowell.

Yahoo definitely keeps you on your toes, and although I probably haven't led anybody to the Lord on Yahoo, the hostility encountered here is good mental preparation for the world outside your front door.
Reply:people, like everything else are winding down to the grave.
Reply:all these other answers i am going with....
Reply:How many still need to know of God's purpose of creating man
Reply:Okay I am not a Christian, but I wanted to answer.

On here, usually its just regular religious dialogue, but every now and then someone will put something so succintly, so elegantly...that its like a little inspiration.

Example, on the never-settle question of free will, someone on here once said simply "whats the point of consciousness without free will?"
Reply:In a normal Bible study I have others who believe the way I do who don't challenge me. I say, "Hey Jesus is God. I'm saved. Jesus is the only way." And everyone in my circle nods their heads and say, "amen". Here I am challenged and not only that but Christians, I believe, are necessarily unaware how they come across to non-christian and they should hold themselves accountable to others why they believe what they believe.
Reply:It has really helped me in studying the Bible.I stay mostly on the RS site and when scripture is needed to answer a question you have to look it up.
Reply:What people of other religions (or non-religions) really think.

Because honestly, when I was involved with Bible studies, people would say all kinds of things about "what non-believers thought" that I discovered later weren't true.

different perspectives.





Reply:what the best sexual position is
Reply:Act 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto Me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Jesus said . . . . ye shall be witnesses unto Me

Isaiah 43:10 Ye are My witnesses, saith the LORD, and My servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe Me, and understand that I am he: before Me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after Me.

Jehovah is Jesus Christ, the Jehovah witnesses had been witnessing for the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ who is Jehovah and they had been wrong since 1930's when they adopted the name
Reply:There are alot of people that don't pick up a Bible because they have a hard time understanding it, so they can come here and ask, the thing is, they must not take some people serious as their are alot of athiest that come on here that do not understand it, so they put people down, but if they would see, if they could open their heart, they would have the joy they are missing.
Reply:I learn that the majority of (but not quite all) atheists are self-righteous elitists who have convinced themselves beyond the shadow of a doubt that God doesn't exist so that they can have an excuse for their low (or non-existant) moral standards.
Reply:How to spell atheist.
Reply:How to hate people with different opinions on God!